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Sargis Dallakyan, Ph.D.

by Sargis Dallakyan last modified 2014-02-14 14:29

Update: link to my new projects at Automated Molecular Imaging group:

I'm a Research Programmer, Web Developer and Systems Administrator. I'm in charge of a number of Linux, Mac and Windows computers and servers. I also do database, security and web administration for:

I have significant experience in software development including design, testing, packaging, maintenance and user support. The following is a partial list of features I have implemented for MGLTools: I used to be a lead developer for PMV from 2006 to 2010. If you need paid commercial support for any of these features, please contact me via my Googe profile listed below.

My Weekend Projects

  • PyRx is my pet project that I work on in my spare time. PyRx is the best state-of-the-art GUI for AutoDock or Vina, and it provides unparalleled virtual screening options, including the ability to run virtual screening from Windows machines. Visit to learn more about this software.
  • Food Prints provides easy-to-use access to Nutrition Facts with accompanying images, latest health news and other useful gadgets. I'm very proud that Food Prints has been one of the top 5 projects featured in Google App Engine Gallery for 3 years in a row, alongside with other exciting applications created by world-class web developers.
  • Clinical Trials Finder - ClisMap lets you find clinical trials near you. ClisMap also allows users to embed clinical trials map in websites or blogs.

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