Package Pmv :: Module displayCommands :: Class UndisplayCPK
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Class UndisplayCPK

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 ViewerFramework.VFCommand.Command --+        
                   mvCommand.MVCommand --+    
ViewerFramework.VFCommand.ICOM --+       |    
                                 |       |    
                  mvCommand.MVICOM --+   |    
                                     |   |    
                  mvCommand.MVAtomICOM --+    
                            DisplayCommand --+

The undisplayCPK command is a picking command allowing the user to undisplay the CPK geometry representing the picked nodes when used as a picking command or the given nodes when called from the Python shell.
Package : Pmv
Module  : displayCommands
Class   : UnDisplayCPK
Command : undisplayCPK

        None <- undisplayCPK(nodes, **kw)

        nodes : any set of MolKit nodes describing molecular components

        keywords: undisplay, CPK


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  __call__(self, nodes, **kw)
None <- undisplayCPK(nodes, **kw) nodes: TreeNodeSet holding the current selection

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Overrides: DisplayCommand.onAddCmdToViewer

__call__(self, nodes, **kw)
(Call operator)

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None <- undisplayCPK(nodes, **kw) nodes: TreeNodeSet holding the current selection
Overrides: ViewerFramework.VFCommand.Command.__call__