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Class FixHydrogenAtomNamesCommand

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ViewerFramework.VFCommand.Command --+    
                  mvCommand.MVCommand --+

This class checks hydrogen atom names and modifies them to conform to 'IUPAC-IUB' conventions 
Module :editCommands

        None <- fixHNames(nodes, **kw)
Required Arguments:

        nodes --- TreeNodeSet holding the current selection

    Hydrogen names have 4 spaces:'H _ _ _', (here referred to as 1-4).
    'H' is always in space 1.

    Space 2 references the name of the atom to which H is bonded 
        using the following scheme: 

    IF the name has 1 letter, space 2 is that letter. 

    IF the name has more than 1 letter, space 2 is the second letter 
        in that name and space 3 the third letter if it exists. 

(Please note that the second space in the bonded atom name is a 'remoteness'
indicator and the third used to number items equally remote.)

    In all cases, the LAST space (which could be space 3 or space 4 
depending on the bonded-atom's name) is used to number hydrogen atoms 
when more than one are bound to the same atom.


        HN <- hydrogen bonded to atom named 'N'

        HA <- hydrogen bonded to atom named 'CA'

        HE <- hydrogen bonded to atom named 'NE'

        HH11 <- first hydrogen bonded to atom named 'NH1'

        HH12 <- second hydrogen bonded to atom named 'NH1'

        HD21 <- first hydrogen bonded to atom named 'CD2'


A final complexity results when these names are written in pdb files:

The name of the atom appears RIGHT-JUSTIFIED in the first two columns of
the 4 columns involved (13-16). Thus 'H' appears in column 14 for all hydrogen
atoms. This creates a problem for 4 character hydrogen names. They are 
accommodated by wrapping so that space 4 appears in column 13.


        1HD2 <- first hydrogen bonded to atom named 'CD2' as represented 
in a pdb file.


Instance Methods [hide private]
  __init__(self, func=None)
  doit(self, nodes)
virtual method.
  __call__(self, nodes, **kw)
None <--- fixHNames(nodes, **kw)

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__init__(self, func=None)

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Overrides: mvCommand.MVCommand.__init__

doit(self, nodes)

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virtual method. Has to be implemented by the sub classes
Overrides: ViewerFramework.VFCommand.Command.doit
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__call__(self, nodes, **kw)
(Call operator)

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None <--- fixHNames(nodes, **kw)

nodes --- TreeNodeSet holding the current selection
Overrides: ViewerFramework.VFCommand.Command.__call__