Package Pmv :: Module measureCommands :: Class MeasureAngle
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Class MeasureAngle

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ViewerFramework.VFCommand.Command --+        
                  mvCommand.MVCommand --+    
                       MeasureAtomCommand --+

Compute the angle between atom1, atom2, atom3.All coordinates are Cartesian; result is in degrees.
Package : Pmv
Module  : measureCommands
Class   : MeasureAngle
Command : measureAngle

        float <--- measureAngle(atom1, atom2, atom3 **kw)
Required Argument:
       atom1  ---  first atom
atom2  --- second atom
atom3  --- third atom

Instance Methods [hide private]
  angle(self, c1, c2, c3)
  doit(self, atom1, atom2, atom3)
virtual method.
  __call__(self, atom1, atom2, atom3, **kw)
float <- measureAngle(atom1, atom2, atom3 **kw)

Inherited from MeasureAtomCommand: getTransformedCoords, vvmult

Inherited from mvCommand.MVCommand: __init__, guiCallback, strArg

Inherited from mvCommand.MVCommand (private): _strArg

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Method Details [hide private]

angle(self, c1, c2, c3)

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doit(self, atom1, atom2, atom3)

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virtual method. Has to be implemented by the sub classes
Overrides: ViewerFramework.VFCommand.Command.doit
(inherited documentation)

__call__(self, atom1, atom2, atom3, **kw)
(Call operator)

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float <- measureAngle(atom1, atom2, atom3 **kw)

atom1 --- first atom

atom2 --- second atom

atom3 --- third atom
Overrides: ViewerFramework.VFCommand.Command.__call__