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Frequently Asked Questions


Get IP using Python

How to get IP address of my computer?

import socket

How to lock a file

How can I lock a file, so that other user can't modify it?

Use mmap

see documant at


How do I check unix password?

import pwd, crypt

def login(user, password):
"Check if user would be able to login using password"
pw1 = pwd.getpwnam(user)[1]
pw2 = crypt.crypt(password, pw1[:2])
return pw1 == pw2
except KeyError:
return 0 # no such user

user = raw_input("username:")
password = raw_input("password:")

if login(user, password):
print "welcome", user
print "login failed" Firefox 3 Issue

Problem with Pmv help link button?

On Linux with the latest Firefox 3 when you click to open help link bme.pngthere is a following issue:

This FAQ applies to: 1.5.4

by Sargis Dallakyan last modified 2007-07-09 17:20 Molecular Graphics Laboratory, TSRI

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