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OpenGL misconfiguration detected on Linux.

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This FAQ applies to: 1.5.0

Why I'm getting this message and how to fix it?

adt, pmv, vision and pythonsh scripts in the bin folder check to see if /usr/lib/ and /usr/X11R6/lib/ are the same. These files contain your OpenGL library/driver and here is the relevant part in our scripts:

case "`uname -s`" in
if [ -f "$p0" -a -f "$p1" ]
ls0=`ls -Ll "$p0" | sed 's,/.*,,'`
ls1=`ls -Ll "$p1" | sed 's,/.*,,'`
if [ "$ls0" != "$ls1" ]
echo "OpenGL misconfiguration detected."
echo "Please reinstall graphics driver."
#exit 1

 I've commented exit part because, in most cases, adt, pmv and vision can run without any problem, even when the last if condition is true. For instance, /usr/lib/ might point to a more recent version of OpenGL library, which should not stop you from running adt, pmv or vision.  The case when exit is really needed is when /usr/lib/ gets corrupted. In this case, your X server can crash when calling pmv or any other application that calls OpenGL (e.g. glxinfo). If this is the case, reinstall graphics driver.

The following page list startup problems for Chimera on i386 Linux (TclError: Togl: couldn't get visual and OpenGL misconfiguration detected) that should be useful for MGLTools users as well:

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