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Any audience
End user
Explanations of concepts and procedures.

Any audience


How to contact us
Citing PMV, ADT and Vision
Citation Information.
Filling add-on packages license form
Describes steps needed to fill the "License Agreements for add-on packages" form.
Anonymous access to CVS repository
How to checkout or update packages.
Change Current Working Directory
Explains how to find and change current working directory.
Using hardware accelerated 3D renderer on Linux
Making sure that your 3D viewer is working at full speed.
Removing mslib dependent commands
Explains how-to modify your _pmvrc to avoid ERROR messages when mslib is not installed.
Running PMV/ADT From Command Prompt - Windows
Explains how to start PMV/ADT on Windows without using Shortcuts.
How-to Uninstall MGLTools on Linux Manually
Explains how to remove MGLTools files created with GUI installer.

Python Molecular Viewer (PMV)

Change camera size
How-to change Camera size on start-up or on-the-fly.
Changing default parameters
Explains how-to change default parameters using _pmvrc.
Change the default font
Describes how-to change the default font.
Problems with Mouse Bindings?
Describes how to bind actions to mouse buttons.


Create your own node
Explains how-to create your own node starting from a generic node.

AutoDockTools (ADT)

Select Atoms inside AutoGrid Box
Shows how to select atoms inside AutoGrid Box and print their residue names using Python script.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

How to report bugs for MGLTools
Report a Bug using our GUI.

End user

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Thumbwheel - change default parameters
Explains Thumbwheel Options editor


Python Molecular Viewer (PMV)

Add a menu to PMV
Step-by-step example on how-to create a PMV command

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