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Problems with Mouse Bindings?

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Describes how to bind actions to mouse buttons.

bindActions.pngIf you are using contemporary computer mouse, with the most common standard features: two buttons and a scroll wheel, then you can use your mouse to zoom, move or rotate object as described in PMV tutorial. If, on the other hand, you are using a different mouse, or would like to modify default mouse bindings, PMV offers options to customize this using File → Preferences → "Bind Action to Mouse Button..." menu. The image on the left shows the widget that opens when you click on that menu. Modify the settings as needed and press Set button. To make sure that PMV is using these modified settings for subsequent sessions, append the log printed in Message Box into your .pmvrc. If your Message Box is not visible click on textBox icon on the ToolBar (resize PMV window if needed).

To make mouse control similar to PyMOL, for instance, use the following commands:

self.bindAction('rotation', 1, actionDict='Object', modifier='None')
self.bindAction('XYtranslation', 2, actionDict='Object', modifier='None')
self.bindAction('zoom', 3, actionDict='Object', modifier='None')

Copy/Paste this into your ~/.mgltools/$Version/Pmv/_pmvrc, where $Version is your current version of MGLTools and ~ is your personal folder.

by Sargis Dallakyan last modified 2008-12-30 19:12 Molecular Graphics Laboratory, TSRI

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