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How to report bugs for MGLTools

This How-to applies to: 1.5.0
This How-to is intended for: Any audience.

Report a Bug using our GUI.

Please help us to help you by using Help → Report a Bug menu in PMV/ADT when you encounter a bug in MGLTools.

Please remember to attach all files required to reproduce the bug. You can also submit bug reports using our web interface:

Last but not least, please follow Bug Writing Guidelines:


The following link provides step by step instructions on how to file a bug report:

Note, due to security considerations, you might get the following message "User account creation has been disabled or restricted.  New accounts must be created by an administrator.". Please use a different email address, such as the one provided by your institution, if this is the case.

Please also note that your Bugzilla Login is your email address and it might not be the same one you used to register on this website.


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