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Changing material properties

DejaVu GUI.


This tutorial introduces PMV and demonstrates its basic features. Note, this tutorial applies to version 1.4.3. There have been quite a few changes in PMV since version 1.4.3.
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Click on button off the Toolbar to open DejaVu GUI. DejaVu uses scene-graph to organize objects in the scene and you can use the GUI to control different properties of the objects. Click on + to navigate object hierarchy and select MSMS-MOL geometry. To change opacity of the surface, click on Front button next to Material. This opens Front Material Editor shown below where you can control opacity by moving Opacity slider. You can also alter front polygon mode by clicking on Front button next  to Polygon mode and selecting one of the options (point, line, outlined, etc. ).

1kes_msms_trans.png 1kes_msms_trans_line.png 1kes_msms_point.png
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