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Potential Isocontours

Explains how to display isocontours of an electrostatic potential.


Covers Computation and Visualization of Electrostatic Potential.
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Undo previous command using either EditUndo or by clicking on Undo icon on the Tools bar.  Displaying isocontours of an electrostatic potential is another useful way for visualizing volumetric data produced by APBS. To do that,  click on ComputeElectrostaticsIsocontour Potential. This opens the following widget that allows to change  isovalues, hide one of the isocontours or animate by running through different isovalues.

An example of the electrostatic potential around histidine residue visualized as isocontours at +1.0 kT/e (blue) and -1.0 kT/e (red)

If you see gray opaque isocontour instead of the red transparent, this probably means that your camera is floating (). In order to fix this, click on the DejaVu GUI icon on the Toolbar (), then click on the Light button underneath Properties and uncheck the checkbox next to "Two Side".

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