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Loading a grid. Add/Remove options.


This tutorial introduces 3D Grid/Volume Rendering widget and explains how to use it.
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3D Grid/Volume Rendering is added to PMV (version 1.4.4) for displaying 3D grid data. To open this widget, either click on 3D Grid/Volume Rendering icon on the Toolbar or use Grid3DShow Control Panel menu. For this tutorial we will be using ct_head.rawiv that contains CT scan of a human head in rawiv format. The following is the list of all supported grid formats.

Click on the add (+) button and open ct_head.rawiv. The table widget used for navigating between grids now lists the grid we loaded and you should see the bounding box for the newly loaded grid in the Viewer. Uncheck Show Bounding Box button to hide this box. The following parts of this tutorial show how to use Isocontour, OrthoSlice and VolRender commands. These commands are based on UTpackages that are python extensions of C++ libraries developed in Chandrajit Bajaj's group at UT Austin.

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