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What's included with MGLtools?

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This FAQ applies to: 1.5.0

What's included and what's not in the downloads?

The following is a list of Python packages included with MGLTools:

Platform Independent Platform Dependent
AutoDockTools bhtree
DejaVu binaries
mglutil geomutils
MolKit gle
NetworkEditor mslib
Pmv Numeric*
Pmw* opengltk
PyAutoDock PIL*
PyBabel pyglf*
symserv PyXML*
ViewerFramework QSlimLib*
Vision sff
Volume stride*
ZSI* UTpackages*
binaries includes: apbs, qconvex, qdelaunay, qhalf, qhull, qvoronoi and rbox executables.
*denotes third party packages.

Binaries of platform dependent packages are included in the installers for all supported platforms. Linux and Mac installers also include a pre-compiled Python interpreter. Windows installer downloads and installs Python, if necessary.

Please note that AutoDock and AutoGrid are not included - they are distributed via a separate mechanism. Please visit for details.

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