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Instructions for Installing MGLTools on Mac OS X

by Sargis Dallakyan last modified 2011-06-29 13:12
This page provides step-by-step instructions for installing MGLTools on Mac OS X (PowerPC and Intel)
1) Download and run the installer.

Double-click on the Disk Image (dmg) file if it does not open by itself, and double-click on the installer (MGLTools_$Version).

2) Wait until Installation Check dialog appears and click Continue.

This checks to see if you have downloaded correct verion for your platfrom.

3) In the install wizard click Continue to read Introduction, Read Me, and the License.

You can save or print this information if needed.

4) Select a destination volume and click Continue again.

Make sure that you have at least 105MB of space available.

5) Complete the "License Agreements for add-on packages" form.

See Filling add-on packages license form for details.

6) Finally, click Close to complete installation.

MGLTools 1.5.6 is installed in /Libary/MGLTools/$Version folder.

Launching ADT, PMV or Vision


Go to Applications → MGLTools-$Version folder and double-click on AutoDockTools, PMV or Vision icon. You can also run corresponding scripts located in /Library/MGLTools/$Version/bin. Run these scripts with -h or --help option to print the usage. Use Update Manager to get the latest updates.

Note: pythonsh script located in /Library/MGLTools/$Version/bin no longer starts X11. Also, our installers replace first line in /Library/MGLTools/$Version/MGLToolsPckgs/AutoDockTools/Utilities24 scripts from #!/usr/bin/env python to #!/usr/bin/env /Library/MGLTools/$Version/bin/pythonsh.


Problems with standalone installer?
Download installer tarball and follow instructions in the README. These installers do not require administrative privileges and can be installed anywhere on your hard drive.
License Agreements is not shown - Step 5.
This might happen when X11 is not installed. X11 can typically be found on the Mac OS X installation DVD. Scroll down in the 'Mac OS X Install disc' window and locate "Optional Installs". Double click to start the Installer, at the 'Installation Type' stage open the Applications category, select X11 and proceed. Once installed, be sure to run Software Update to obtain the latest version of X11.
X Error on startup.
See documentation/faq/x-error-on-startup-mac-os-x .
TclError: Togl: couldn't get visual.
Go to X11->Preferences and select Output. If the dropdown menu next to Colors is 256 increase it to at least Thousands.
Bugs in graphics drivers?
Please see: Many graphics driver bugs observed in MGLTools have similar solutions.
"A newer version of the application already exists"
See Uninstall MGLTools post in the forum and CADD FAQ.

Known Issues

ImportError: The _imaging C module is not installed - Mac OS X 10.5.2.
Please upgrade X11 to XQuartz 2.1.1.
Mac OS X 10.5.0.
Problem when coloring or displaying MSMS surface on an iMac with ATI Radeon HD 2400.
For detailed description of the problem see bug #860 or ADL: Problem about color when using ADT.
This bug has been fixed in Mac OS X 10.5.2 Combo Update. Also, a quick temporary fix is to press the 'D' key on the keyboard which toggles the fog.
For all other issues, please Contact Us with detailed information on how to reproduce the bug.
Open /Applications/Utilities/Consol to see the log.

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