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Release 1.4.3 announcement

by Sargis Dallakyan last modified 2007-01-12 14:03
We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.4.3 of our software
tools including: PMV, ADT and VISION.

Binary distributions are available for LINUX, Mac OS X and Windows at: from a fully redesigned web site which
no longer requires the user to log in for downloading.

The binary distributions contain:
- a precompiled Python interpreter version 2.4; (except for windows)
- PMV, ADT, VISION and all dependent Python packages.

- PackageMaker-based installer - Mac OS X (.dmg extension);
- InstallJammer-based installers - Linux and Windows.
Note: the windows installer has to be run after Python 2.4 has been installed.

The license agreements are provided on the download site
and also can be found in the LICENSE file of the distribution.


-added more AD4 log information to info message

-added keywords for component energy terms such as 'moving_ligand_fixed_receptor'
-added support for reporting seeds from AD4 dockinglogs
-added support for reporting WARNING messages from dockinglogs.

-Now user can look at WARNING messages from the docking log in ADT

-added rmsatoms, rmsatoms_flag, rmsref_flag, unbound_flag, unbound_intnbp_coeffs,
unbound_intnbp_coeffs_flag and flexres keys
-added support for setting set_psw1/set_sw1 to DockingParameter class.

-added support for not changing names of aromatic carbons for AutoDock4 by adding a new
input parameter for the AromaticCarbonManager class: "rename" which is False for v.4

-now force renameAtoms to always be 0 for an autodock4 atomTyper
-updated recognition of lonepairs by adding possibility that the element could be 'Lp' or 'lp'

-added Dpf4FlexResSelector command
-changed torsdof4 to be ligand.TORSDOF
-added gui support for new DockingParameters which include rmsatoms, rmsatoms_flag,
rmsref_flag, unbound_flag, unbound_intnbp_coeffs, unbound_intnpb_coeffs_flag and flexres

-added code to hide root sphere if ligand deleted and to reset the set torsion widget if the
ligand was deleted

- added support for rendering secondary structures in DNAs/RNAs
- is added to provide About-->Help widget.
- added progressBar to APBS Web Services.
- added Open DX reader to Grid commands.
- added a command to build coarse molecular surface.

- parenting system is now compatible with geoms imported from pmv
- introduced real 3d labels

- editable color palette to modify predefined atom's colors
- several mode of stereo vision (including shutter glasses and polarised projection),
- improved tile renderer (works also with stereo vision modes)
- added for displaying Nucleic Bases.

- Binary AVS Field data parser is added.
- added all supported files in ReadAnyMap node.

And of course many bug fixes across all packages.

The following mailing lists are available:

-autodock: a community of AutoDock, AutoGrid and AutoDockTools (ADT) users
with lots of experience to share

-pmv for questions regarding the use of PMV;

-vision for questions regarding the use of VISION;

-MGLTools support for questions regarding installing the MGLTools.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page if you have any problems
installing or running our tools.

For other inquiries, send an email to mgltools

More information can be found on our web site at

Thank you for using our tools.

The MGLTools development team

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