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Filling add-on packages license form

This How-to applies to: Any version.
This How-to is intended for: Any audience.

Describes steps needed to fill the "License Agreements for add-on packages" form.
The add-on packages that have restricted license for commercial use are:
  • MSLIB - used to compute molecular surfaces.
  • STRIDE - used to compute secondary structures.
  • UTPackages - used for isocontouring and volume rendering

Please read their licenses and decide which one you are planning to use. Clicking on the Checkbutton next to Non commercial will select Agree to license and install on all packages. If you click on the Checkbutton next to Commercial, Disagree and do not install Checkbuttons will be selected. You can however make your decision per package bases as well.

Click Continue when you are done.

by Sargis Dallakyan last modified 2008-10-30 20:11 Molecular Graphics Laboratory, TSRI

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