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Using Update Manager

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Explains how to use Update Manager

Basic Usage

How to start and run Update Manager.
Start Update Manager using Help → Update menu in ADT/PMV.

Click on the checkbutton →

Click on Install button to download and install updates. Wait until "Restart is needed" dialog appears and click OK. "Save to File" button is used to save the updates to a local file that you later can use by selecting File tab and clicking Browse... button.


If ADT/PMV fails to restart, run Update Manager located in:
platform_linux.gif Linux
Applications → MGLTools-1.4.5 → Update Manager-1.4.5
.gif Mac OS X
Applications → MGLTools-1.4.5 → Update Manager-1.4.5
windows_big_icon.gif Windows Start → All Programs → MGLTools <%Version%> → Update Manager1.4.5
Click on either Revert or Rollback button and start ADT/PMV again.


Nightly builds can also be accessed at:

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